A Few Suggestions for a Great Beginner Drone

Newcomers to the flying drone game might find all of the latest technological innovations to be a little overwhelming. Most hobbyists don’t need to buy a waterproof drone, or a thousand dollar drone with a professional-grade image capture system right off the bat. In fact, they shouldn’t, since many beginners wind up crashing their drones and totaling them at least once before they really get the hang of it.

Below are a few inexpensive drones that are perfect for learning the ins and outs of flying without risking damage to a professional-grade piece of equipment. The makers of these drones are still Using The Latest Tech to bring consumers a fun and user-friendly experience without the exorbitantly high price tag of a professional high-end drone.

SYMA X5C-1 QuadCopter

One of the most popular applications for drones is aerial photography. Anyone who is interested in using them for this purpose once they get the hang of flying should consider this drone as an initial investment. It costs less than $100, but still comes with a 720p HD camera, making it perfect for budding aerial photographers.

Yanni Syma X5UW

While this drone is slightly more expensive than the X5C-1, it makes up for the price difference by offering FPV capabilities and a simple, easy-to-use autopilot feature. This allows the Yanni Syma to be flown without a transmitter.

UDI 818A HD Drone

This quadcopter features six gyroscopes for stabilization and easy to use radio controls. It is fairly durable given its lightweight size and its price range, but should not be flown over asphalt or concrete by those who are still new to the game, as it can wind up breaking if not handled correctly. Although it does not come with a camera, it is a good option for beginners, and its battery lasts a full two to three minutes longer than other quadcopters within its price range.

Hubsan X4 (H107L)

This affordable quadcopter drone is hardly bigger than a smartphone, making it better for indoor use. What makes it a great beginner drone is its stability. It has a no-tip function for easy flying and is surprisingly fast. It does not, however, come with either a camera or FPV function.