A Favor for My Neighbor

Change can be very uncertain at times. you never know whether things with work out for better or worse. When my neighbors moved away, I was really nervous. I wondered how our new neighbors were going fit in the neighborhood. I hoped that they would be respectful of the neighborhood. One day, my new neighbor moved into the vacant house right next to mine. I was curious to see who it was. I was surprised. It was a young woman my age. She waved at me and asked me to help her with her orange county shutters. I jumped at the chance to help her.

My new neighbor was a young, Korean woman named Hani. She had just recently graduated and moved out of her dorm. I was so happy to see her. I went over to introduce myself. I was completely nervous about meeting her. She was so friendly when I introduced myself. She invited me in for a quick meal. She served me delicious tacos that she made. Hani told me that cooking was one of her hobbies. The food was so good. I was surprised that she was not a chef. We talked during. We discussed info about each other. Hani asked a small favor from me.

Hani wanted to change the shutters on her house. She was not very handy and needed a man’s touch to do the job. Being a gentleman and a good neighbor, I could not pass up the chance help a damsel in distress. I went to the hardware store and found the perfect ones. I installed them very easily. Hani provided me with treats while I worked. When I was finished, Hani was so pleased with my work. She gave me a big hug and money. I told her that it was on the house.

Hani and I are still friends to this day. I hope she stays forever.